Ivenio is a management buyout (MBO) of a company of the City of Vienna, Austria, which was operating since the late 1980`s named ENCOM. Ivenio Consult GmbH, Vienna was founded february 2004 in order to perform services especially in the field of project development in environmental and energy infrastructure projects. Together with our partners we offer services in environmental engineering, design, engineering and consulting, and later on, the firm has gained two subsidies, Ivenio Bulgaria AD and Ivenio Southeast Trading Ltd., trading with environmental technologies. Ivenio has successfully completed Austrian and European comprehensive projects under the guidance and management of engineers and additional professionals with 30 years or more professional experience. Ivenio has organized itself completely by using contemporary technology to successfully perform the following services in order to fulfill any kind of investment, design and consulting requirements of state authorities, municipalities and private sectors.

In 2020 the company was transformed from a limited to a privately owned.